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Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson CEO at Cascade Strategies, Founder of Nimbus Online Seattle, USA

They were excellent. Timely deliveries and competitive rates combined with exceptional math and technical skills make Gecko Dynamics an ideal partner. They demonstrated a greater understanding of our mission than other companies had shown in the past.

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Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher Project Manager at Spectrum Wellness Dublin, Ireland

They go the extra mile and provide alternative solutions rather than just going with the flow and accepting what we’ve given them. Expect a communicative partner who can provide design consultation and deliver quality software.

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Andrew Young Head of Quality Assurance, Cam Tran Canada

By synchronizing production information across all 3 plants, the database system facilitated substantial company growth, leading to sales doubling over 4 years. Gecko Dynamics familiarized themselves with unique industry challenges to produce a customized solution and become a long-term partner.

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Christy Ai
Christy Ai CEO, Hive Exchange Technologies San Francisco, USA

Despite being located in different time zones, the teams collaborated seamlessly through clear, direct communication strategies. Attentive, their willingness to explain technical aspects impressed.

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Nicholas Carlo
Nicholas Carlo CEO, M-Star Solutions London, UK

We appreciated their honesty; they dealt with every issue that came their way. They only made promises they could keep, which allowed us to give our client realistic expectations. Their team provided quality services at a moment’s notice.

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Alex Loboda
Alex Loboda CEO, UKRNames New York, USA

They turned out to be a perfect mixture of attention, knowledge, cost and performance. They also communicated very well and I knew what was going on at every stage of the project.

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Athanasios Samaras
Athanasios Samaras Product Owner, AMD Telecom Thessaloniki, Greece

Their most valuable quality is that they’re true to their work. Along with being transparent about issues, all of the stakeholders are aware of what’s going on and where the money is going.

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  President, Software Dev Company Canada

From 1 to 5, I would rate them a 6 if I could. They’re amazing. The value they provide is why we’ve worked with them so long. I’m willing to drive down the street in the middle of L.A. when I’m tired to make sure they have a good review.

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Adam Boryniec
Adam Boryniec Co-Founder, GoMobile Poland

Their project management was amazing. They also suggested technical solutions that saved us time & money, which our customers also appreciated. After 9 years of continuous cooperation, I can recommend Gecko as one of the best business partners I’ve ever worked with.

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